Families & Children

Faith Milestones

In every one of our Milestones we will:

  • PAUSE – to stop and lift up the age and stage of life.
  • POINT TO JESUS — We will use these opportunities to point to Jesus in the life of the person.
  • CELEBRATE — We will celebrate all that God is doing in our lives and how He is growing us to maturity.

Holy Baptism: Baptism is God’s gift of acceptance and for us. In baptism God says, “Welcome to my family.” You belong!” It delivers God’s specific blessings of life, forgiveness, and salvation. We often baptize infants, but baptism can happen at any age.
Picture Bible: This Saturday morning workshop equips parents of 2 & 3 year olds to be a spiritual leader in the home for their young child. The primary focus is to teach parents what tools they have as a resource for teaching faith to their young child and how to use those tools.
Splash Baptism: Kindergarten children and parents attend 3 interactive sessions to remember the child’s baptism. This sacrament is celebrated with age-appropriate activities that help families remember their baptism.
First Bible: Third graders and parents attend two sessions while learning how to use the Bible and given background information for key portions of the Bible. Shepherd of the Valley gifts each child with a new Bible. The child and parents will receive a special recognition and blessing in worship. Communion Prep Classes: Parents and 6th grade students will attend 3-4 sessions teaching about the Sacrament of Holy Communion. Following these sessions youth will be invited to participate in Holy Communion.
Confirmation (8th graders) In Confirmation classes (7th-8th grade on Sunday mornings), students will discover the basics of our faith and learn to respond to God’s leading in their lives. At the end of Confirmation class, 8th grade students can publicly profess their faith during the Rite of Confirmation. We are confirming all the good work God has done in the life of the child—and that he/she is ready to fully accept that faith as their own.
Senior High Recognition Sunday: Parents and graduating High School Seniors are celebrated in our 10:30am worship service. They receive a blessing along with a basket full of gifts-- We love to encourage and support students as they launch into adulthood.

Sunday School

We believe that kids’ lives will be transformed when they spend time in God’s Word and with His Family. On Sunday mornings, we explore God’s word, we play together, we talk together. We learn what it means to follow Jesus together.

Children 0 – 2 years old meet in the nursery and are introduced to the basic stories of the Bible through song, stories, and play.

Children in preschool- 1st grade will gather for songs, interactive bible stories and play as they discover how much God loves them.

Students in 2nd-6th grade will explore God’s word, play games, sing, ask questions and learn what it means to be a disciple of Jesus.

Confirmation (grades 7 & 8) students learn the basics of our faith and what it means to be a Christian in this world.

Sunday school classes meet weekly from 9:15-10:15am.


Confirmation supports families in preparing for the Rite of Confirmation—when students publicly profess their faith. Students will study the basics of our Christian-Lutheran faith, the basics of discipleship, and how to follow Jesus in this world.

Confirmation students will also be assigned to a “Huddle” group led by a high school leader. In these Confirmation Huddles, students will discuss the teaching of the day and ask, “What is God saying to me?” and “What will I do about it?”

This two year program is for 7th & 8th grade students on Sunday mornings from 9:15-10:15am


We love walking with kids as they discover what is means to be disciples of Jesus. On Wednesdays, kids will gather for kid-style worship, they will dig into Bible stories, play games, and build relationships with new friends.

Nursery Care is available for children under age 3

SOTV kids is for children in Preschool- 5th grade. They meet on Wednesday Nights from 6:30-7:45pm

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